Plumbing and heating systems

First Fix Plumbing

Essentially this is all of the plumbing work that needs to take place at the initial stages of a build.  Think of all of the pipes that you would not want to see when the room is complete.  Naturally some plumbing work impossible to hide once the build is complete – and would be considerably disruptive done a later point.  So the first fix is planned early to incorporate all that needs to be done in the background. It’s imperative to schedule different trades appropriately, giving each time and space to complete their work. Newcraft make sure all of this runs smoothly. For example, some plumbing work cannot be safely carried out when an electrician is doing certain installations, so to avoid delays it’s crucial that this balance is right.

Second Fix Plumbing

Once first fix plumbing has been completed, your engineer will leave your property to allow other important work to take place and for the actual build to be finished. The work involved in second fix plumbing is one of the major contributors to  turning your project from building site to functioning space.